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KDevelop - 統合開発環境

KDevelop is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for KDE providing excellent support for C++, CMake, Subversion and PHP, based on the KDevPlatform? framework.


  • Display problems in source-code
  • Show information about declarations (classes, functions, templates...) in libraries and your application
  • Intelligent auto-completion showing those methods which could be used in the current context including their signature and documentation
  • Show usages of declarations/rename them
  • Context-specific highlighting
  • Debugging using gdb
  • SVN integration
  • Manage CMake-targets and build them
  • CMake-auto-completion showing defined macros and variables
  • Kate-integration
  • Custom makefiles
  • C++-specific:
    • Consideration of Qt's signals and slots by the auto-completion
    • Qt-Documentation
    • Unroll constants and typedefs (partial)
    • Create class dialog, which allows to select those methods which should be overloaded
  • PHP-specific:
    • Guess the type of variables
    • Show documentation from php.net
  • Experimental:
    • QtDesigner? support
    • Valgrind
    • xdebug (PHP-debugger)
    • Unit testing
    • Java, C#, CSS and XML support
    • Mercurial support

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